5 Reasons Why You Should Run E-mail Marketing!

There are lots of tricks or tips about Digital Marketing. As we know we are living in the digital age where people can easily reach contents as well as they wish. It seems like we talk about the behavior people. Surprisingly, I read some interesting marketing strategy about e-mail marketing. At the beginning I’d like to share a bit about the definition email marketing that I cited from Wikipedia :

“ E-mail marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered e-mail marketing.”

Here top five benefits why you should run e-mail marketing for your business as soon as possible:

  1. Mobile device audience
    Technology and communication bring the new people behavior. According to an article from Forbes, 54% of all email opens are on a mobile device. Its mean e-mail marketing is a great way to target your audience by the look in their behavior. I think is the efficient and effectives way to start run e-mail marketing.
  2. Consumer more responsive in e-mail marketing :
    We know email marketing has a bunch spamming, not only about the targeted but also this fact really impressed me like how people more react when we use e-mail marketing, the study shows 58 percent of respondents saying an e-mail marketing message has prompted them to make a purchase at an offline store or via call-center order desk.
    This channel could be part of ROI (Return Of Investment) then get more specific data from your audience.
  3. The first thing prominent when you start doing building a brand, you need to consider about campaign strategy. Brand awareness is the key when you want to release a product or service to the market. The Combination of big data and e-mail marketing perhaps would be a greater strategy that you ever try.
  4. Better for Small Business
    Small business growth highly in many years particularly in Indonesia such as startup, UKM, and e-commerce. An Indonesian I assume that e-mail marketing is working here. As we know that Indonesia has great internet population. The Small business can contribute by using email marketing for sustainable their business life.
  5. Cost Efficient
    Managing cost everything in business is an obey, especially for small business. We decided cost in some categories for example cost for advertising or other, so here I emphasizing that email marketing is totally cheap and efficient to run the marketing strategy. We don’t need print cost, less time and no need for a transport fee.

Those are top five benefits of e-mail marketing, at least we know and understand the reason why we need to start run email marketing for business and campaign. The marketing strategy will change every time as well as people behavior, but to learn and knowing the progress it’s not a bad idea.

Thank you!


Oleh Abdul Latif

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