What is Zahir Online?

Zahir Online is an online accounting system with cloud computing method which allows the interbranch business management is performed anytime and anyplace at the same time (concurrent).

What are Zahir Online Packages?

Zahir Online consists of 2 (two) packages:

  1. Zahir Online Subscription;
  2. Zahir Online On Premise.

What Are Zahir Online Editions?

Zahir Online has 3 (Three) editions:

  1. BASIC
    Business Dashboard, Cash and Bank, General Ledger, Project and Department, Post-Dated Check;
    Business Dashboard, Sales-Purchase Transactions, Payable-Receivable, Inventory, Cash and Bank, General Ledger, Department, Post-Dated Check;
    Business Dashboard, Quotation and Order, Sales-Purchase Transactions, Payable-Receivable, Inventory, Cash and Bank, General Ledger, Project and Department, Post-Dated Check.

Those three editions are applied for Zahir Online Subscription while Zahir Online On Premise applies Professional edition only. To view the comparison of Zahir Online Edition Click Here.

How to get Zahir Online package?

  1. To get Zahir Online Subscription, you can register in this website by applying monthly subscription and will be automatically extended when the subscription period is over or you can extend it manually. Register Now and get 30 days free trial;
  2. To get Zahir Online On Premise, you can purchase the license by our marketing on cash system and this package is fully yours without period limitation. Contact us or Zahir Online Partner uto consult, presentation request, order, purchase, and after sales service.

What are the minimum requirements for Zahir Online?


Computer Specification
Processor : Intel® CoreTM i3
RAM: 2 Gigabyte (GB) RAM
Hard Disk:  Available 20 Gigabytes (GB)

Mobile Device
Apple iPad, Android Tablet, Windows Phone Tablet, or any mobile device with browser, minimum screen size 1024 x 748 pixel

Operating System
All operating systems with minimum screen size 1024 x 768 pixel. Windows, Windows RT, Linux, MacOSX, IOS (iPad), Android (Tablet)

Browser: Google Chrome (recommended)

Local Area Network with Wireless Internet: 256 Kbps Uplink, 512 Kbps Downlink

For Zahir Online On Premise

Computer Specification
Prosesor: Intel® CoreTM i3
RAM: – 4 Gigabyte (GB)
Hard Disk: available 20 Gigabyte (GB)
Display: Standard Graphic Hardware

Sistem Operasi
Linux – UbuntuPro, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012

Local Area Network with Wireless Internet: 2 Mbps Uplink , 512 Kbps Downlink

It is not necessary for Zahir Online Subscription users to provide server. Zahir Online has provided it.

What are Zahir Online after sales services?

A. Zahir Online Subscription

  • Chatting and Email via website www.zahironline.com
  • Zahir Online Helpdesk Support Center in help.zahironline.com
  • For premium service (subjected charges), contact us or nearest Zahir Online Partner. This service is similar to Zahir Online on Premise services.

B. Zahir Online On Premise (annual agreement based | incl. the first year)

  • Zahir Online Helpdesk Support Center
  • Training
  • Suport by Phone
  • Email and chatting services
  • Remote access
  • Program installation and registration in server
  • On site

For further information and after sales service, please contact us or nearest Zahir Online Partner.

How can I access Zahir Online data?

Zahir Online can be accessed through web browser from desktop computers, laptop, tablet, or other web-installed devices.

Does it require Internet connection to access Zahir Online data?

  1. Zahir Online Subscription needs internet connection to access the data;
  2. Zahir online on Premise allows the data access through local network connection LAN/WIFI, and does not always need the internet connection. The internet connection is required to access the data out of the LAN/WIFI network.

What kind of devices compatible to access Zahir Online?

All desktop computers, laptop and tablet or other web browser-installed devices.

What kind of web browser is compatible to Zahir Online?

Currently, the web browser that is compatible to Zahir Online is only Google Chrome Browser.

Do I need to set the Zahir Online server?

Based on the Zahir Online package:

  1. Zahir Online Subscription
    User is not required to set the server since we have provided your database to be stored in cloud;
  2. Zahir Online On Premise
    User is required to set the server (physically or cloud) to operate Zahir Online as well as store the database.

Should Zahir Online be installed in each computer?

  1. For Zahir Online Subscription users, you do not need to install it. Only access it* through web browser by visiting specific URL;
  2. For Zahir Online On Premise, you need to install it in your server (physically or cloud), visit the specific URL through web browser to access it into other devices.

*) Regarding to the number of subscription license or purchase

How about the security of my data in Zahir Online?

Your security and convenience are our main priority. By using encryption system 256 bit supported by 2056-bit-ssl certificate internet connection with proven security will ensure your data safety and cannot be accessed by unauthorized user, unless the registered user in Zahir Online and have its own password as well.

What kind of businesses apply Zahir Online?

Zahir Online cover many industries of businesses such as:

  1. Contractor;
  2. Tour & Travel;
  3. Ticketing;
  4. Education & Course;
  5. Foundation;
  6. Forwading;
  7. Office rent service;
  8. Heavy equipment rent service;
  9. Outsourcing service;
  10. Consulting, finance, and tax service;
  11. Architect services;
  12. Advertising services;
  13. Entertainment;
  14. Information and communication technology;
  15. Trading;
  16. Other businesses that require cloud computing technology.

Should I have accounting background first before operating Zahir Online?

You do not have to. The designed facilities in Zahir Online has enabled users to operate it, even without understanding the accounting theory. A basic accounting knowledge would be helpful.

What kind of financial reports are produced by Zahir Online?

There are 3 main financial reports produced by this software : Cash flow report, Profit-Loss report, and Balance report. It allows users to set the period to evaluate the company’s condition in real time.

Besides those 3 main reports, users will have other supporting reports such as Sales reports, purchase reports, payable receivable report, Inventory report, General ledger, Transaction and journal report, and other reports.

I have purchased the package and need to add the user license. Would it be possible?

Yes, of course.

  1. For Zahir Online Subscription, enter your account in Database register, click “add user” button on the right side of your database, and continue the next process;
  2. For Zahir Online on Premise, contact us for addition user license request.

Charges is subjected to additional user license.

In case of late extension payment for Zahir Online Subscription. What should I do?

  1. If you initially agreed to use auto-debit payment method, both credit and debit cards, the system automatically extends your subscription period / recurring. Your Zahir online subscription remains active;
  2. If you use manual payment method, by credit or debit card, when late payment occurred, the system will automatically disable your Zahir online subscription. Your account will be re-activated after renewal charge (for the package) is settled without any other charges. The period for inactive subscription status is valid only for one month. After one month, your database will be stored on our server and will be removed from the system . You have to create a new database again if you decide to renew the subscription.

Is there any expired period for Zahir Online on Premise?

Purchases with a buy-out system for zahir Online on Premise will make you have the usage rights under the purchased license without any expired date.

I am Zahir Accounting users, can I upgrade my package into Zahir Online?

Currently, Zahir Accounting users have not been able to request an upgrade or migration software from Zahir Accounting to Zahir Online.

Is Zahir Online similar to Zahir Report server web based?

Zahir Online is different from Zahir Report Server which only serves to monitor web-based financial reports.

Is it possible to integrate Zahir Accounting, Zahir POS, Zahir Payroll, Zahir Report Server, or Zahir Merdeka into Zahir Online?

Currently, these Zahir software edition could not be integrated to Zahir Online.

Is it possible to connect applications other than Zahir to Zahir Online?

Zahir developers allow applications other than Zahir is connected to Zahir Online to make transactions made in other apps (such as sales transactions) is automatically entered or with importing. There are two ways to connect the application by importing from csv tables which is exported from other applications or with API (Application Programming Interface). The API for Zahir Online is currently under development.

To find out the connection of other applications to Zahir Online, please visit Zahir Connected Apps page.

Can master data and transaction imported to Zahir Online?

Some master data, like name address or transaction data like sales transaction can be imported to Zahir Online from the available CSV table in every menu attached in Zahir Online.

I already use one of Zahir Online packages, can I migrate the package?

Package migration is taken by the following terms:

  1. For Zahir Online Subscription user, you can migrate to Zahir Online on Premise. The subscription will be terminated after payment of Zahir Online on Premise is settled. You must provide your own server to store the previous database in Zahir Online Subscription. To avoid the termination of your subscription period, after the payment of Zahir Online on Premise, make sure you have used your previous subscription period;
  2. For Zahir Online on Premise user, you cannot migrate to Zahir Subscription package.

JI already use one of Zahir Online editions. Can I migrate the edition?

Edition migration is taken by the following terms:

  1. For Zahir Online Subscription users, you can migrate by upgrading (higher edition, except professional) or downgrade (lower edition, except basic) according to the edition options. Edition migration will be adjusted in accordance the remaining subscription period. Should the calculation does not meet the terms and conditions of migration edition, then migration cannot be done. To continue the migration process, renew your Zahir Online Subscription;
  2. For Zahir Online on Premise, you can upgrade Zahir Online Edition only, but cannot down grade to the lower edition.

Can the users of Zahir Online on Premise version 1 upgrade to version 2?

The users of Zahir Online on Premise version 1 can upgrade to version 2 and subjected upgrade charge. For more upgrade information please email to helpdesk@zahironline.com

How to be Zahir Online partner?

There are 7 partnership types of Zahir Online:

  1. Provider
  2. Business Partner
  3. Connected Apps
  4. Accountant Partner
  5. IT Partner
  6. Certified User
  7. Advisor Partner

Further information visit partnership page or email to partner@zahironline.com