[vsc-section-title align=”center” title=”Zahir Connected Apps Registration” subtitle_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_font_size=”20px”]One more step and you will be part of Zahir family to find out the simplicity in managing and synchronizing the data with the business application with Zahir Online.[/vsc-section-title]
[vsc-section-title title=”Your business opportunity” title_font_size=”30″ subtitle_font_size=”16″ title_color=”#313131″ subtitle_color=”#313131″]Join the business ecosystem and connect to over 70.000 users, more than 70 universities, and thousands of accountants to support the business growth[/vsc-section-title]
[vsc-section-title title_font_size=”30″ subtitle_font_size=”16″ title=”Be Our Partner” title_color=”#313131″ subtitle_color=”#313131″]Fill this following form to be listed and integrated to Zahir Connected Apps[/vsc-section-title]

1. Registration

Fill in the form below with the right statement and can be accounted for:

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Terms and conditions

2. Integrate your application to Zahir Online

For better understanding of Zahir Online, please check it yourself here demo.zahironline.com
There are two ways to integrate your application with Zahir Online :

  1. Open API of Zahir Online,
  2. . By using CSV file (comma separated values). Please check CSV file template Here.

3. Integration testing

Please contact us for this testing and to discuss your integration.
Both parties must be involved and demonstrate the testing process

4. Integration documenting

Testing process must be documented well, such as CSV file, guidance and Integration Tutorial.

5. Integrate your application to Zahir connected apps

To notify if your application has passed the Zahir Connected Apps Registration, we required some information :

    • Company Logo/ application logo with high resolutions.
    • Information and explanation of your applications.
    • Preview/ Video tutorial about possible integration between Zahir Online and your application
    • Website address of your application