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Academic Partner provides Zahir application
training, teaching, and workshop.

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Zahir Academic Partner is an educational and training partnership between the academic institution and PT. Zahir International. This cooperation is applied for colleges, high schools, educational foundations, and courses that provide education and training of Zahir accounting application


Besides providing training services, academics partners can provide zahir workshop, zahir competitions and seminars.


This cooperation is a grant by PT. Zahir International to the academic partners in terms of 50 free licenses of Zahir application worth IDR 400 million.

Reasons to Join
Zahir Academic Partner?

More than 70000 users from small, medium and
large-scale companies are using Zahir program
Zahir program has achieved prestigious awards,
both national and international scope
The module and teaching methods have been adjusted
to meet the market needs.
Affordable training price
Prompt process
No additional fee charged to academic partners
Online exam is available to enable students to
achieve Zahir certificate.

Zahir Application Facilities for
Zahir Academic Partners:

      1. General ledger
      2. Account payable
      3. Account receivable
      4. Product and service sales
      5. Product and service purchase
      6. Inventory (Fifo, Lifo, & Average)
      7. Stock Opname
      8. Inventory adjustment
      9. Inventory movement
      10. Assembly
      11. Cash bank
      12. Current account
      13. Bank reconciliation
      14. Project and department
      15. Fixed asset
      16. Invoice design
      17. Customized financial report
      18. Export report to Pdf and Excel
      19. Business analysis and reminder

Benefits for Institution to join
Zahir Academic Partner:

Free 50 Zahir application licenses worth IDR. 400 million.
Instructors/teachers who have participated
in Training of Trainer would be awarded
Zahir Certified Trainer Certificate
Zahir Academic Partner Certified
Certificate for institutions
Training and tutorial modules are available
Allow students to have direct practice
Could be applied as a basic course or educational curriculum
School/collage names will be listed on the Zahir website
Zahir will publish across the network, website and social media in accordance to this cooperation

Benefit for Students :

After training as held by the academic
partners, students will receive training certificates
issued by PT. Zahir International.
Opening an internship opportunity
at PT. Zahir International or at Zahir Partners
Opening the opportunity to work for Zahir customers
An opportunity to part of Zahir partner who
will serve consultation to Zahir Application users.

Zahir Academic Partner Requirements:

  1. High school / college
  2. Register to PT. Zahir International or other assigned parties
  3. Have an adequate infrastructure
  4. Have at least 2 instructors
  5. Submit the school or college profile
  6. Attend the training of trainer (TOT) held by PT. Zahir International or assigned party
  7. The registration fee IDR. 500,000
  8. TOT Training of Trainer fee IDR 2,000,000 / person
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