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Zahir Online considers that your privacy is very crucial. We keep on working to maintain our Privacy Policy update to ensure that we communicate our policy as clearly as possible regarding our treatment towards your Personal Information that you provide to us.

We are strongly recommended you read and understand this Privacy Policy thoroughly. It will assist you to decide your willingness to manage your Personal Information. The terms applied in this Privacy Policy have the same meaning as the Terms and Conditions. You must read and understand the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions at the same time.

By accessing the website and using our services, you have agreed this Privacy Policy terms and policies, terms and conditions.


Zahir Online collects your Personal Information.

Zahir Online is an online accounting software service provider using cloud computing technology that could be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Our online accounting software helps you to manage your finances in real time, easy, and secure. The services offered will involve the company or individual’s data stored. These data are Personal Information. The Personal Information Data is information relates to a person’s identity that includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, company information details, bank account information, tax information, and other financial accounting information. Zahir Online reserves the right to collect Personal Information directly in case of you are:

  • Signing up to use our services;
  • Using our services;
  • Posting on Zahir Online website or other websites managed by Zahir Online in the form of blogs, forums, or other;
  • Contacting Zahir Online support team;
  • downloading or uploading any form of files from and to our servers;
  • Visiting our website, you have freedom not to provide your Personal Information to Zahir Online, but it also means we cannot provide any services as the consequence


Zahir Online also obtains Personal Information from you regarding other parties.

By using our services, Zahir Online will collect information from you regarding to others. When you provide other’s Personal Information to us, you must ensure that you have the right and authority to submit the information. When usage of service-related data, Zahir Online does not require any steps to receive the information, and is free of any laws and data protection and privacy laws. Zahir Online reserves the right to collect and use the information for the service purpose provided in this Privacy Policy. In terms that you should be responsible for any information you provide regarding to other people and provide Zahir Online information to the person as fully and clearly as possible. You are required to ensure that the person is aware and understands how we collect his Personal Information and is willing to disclose his Personal Information for Zahir Online future services. Makes sure that the person fully understands how to access his information in Zahir Online and how he can contact us for the purposes of setting up his Personal Information if necessary. In case of managing his Personal Information, then you will assist Zahir Online with various requirements submitted to access and update the information you have collected from them, and then provided us for the purposes of using Zahir Online services as stated in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.


Zahir Online collects, stores and uses Personal Information with certain limitations.

Zahir Online collects Personal Information that enables us to provide the proper services according to your needs and requests. Zahir Online will use the collected Personal Information for service-related purposes, including :

  • Verify your identity;
  • Create administrative data related to services;
  • Provide notifications about latest services or changes occurred in the service;
  • Inform the promotional marketing or service-related training;
  • Assist you in using the services, technical support and other related service;
  • Complete the legally valid data and regulations applied in a specific jurisdictional area.

By using our services, you have agreed and authorized that your Personal Information is collected, stored and used in the specified manner. Zahir Online will only use your Personal Information for the purposes as set forth in this Privacy Policy and or through your approval. You are obliged to keep your password to access the service. You must promptly inform us in case of your password misused, and are obliged to change your password immediately to access the service or through the “Forgot Password” process.


Zahir Online can complete non-Personally identifiable data.

Continuing to use the service means that you agree that Zahir Online may access, complete, and use non-Personally identifiable data from collected data from you. These data are not for identifying you or others. Zahir Online may use non-Personal data to:

  • Ensure us to understand our customers better;
  • Provide more complete information regarding the service usage and benefits to our customers;
  • Increase the small and medium-sized enterprises productivity, include creating new insights from collected data as a benchmark for your business performance, and
  • Improve the service quality.


Zahir Online Stores Personal Information on the designated servers service.

All data including Personal and Non-Personal Information you enter to use the service, or imported automatically on your instructions, is transferred to Zahir Online server by our system. By using the service, you have agreed that your Personal Information is transferred to our servers under the terms of this Privacy Policy. Currently our servers are well-managed and secure, through self-managed and third-party management respecting the high-level data privacy and security. We recommend you update our Privacy Policy gradually and thoroughly. The Privacy Policy will be updated if necessary. These are taken to improve our service quality to you. By providing your Personal Information to Zahir Online, you have agreed to store your Personal Information data on the designated server of the service. We always strive to ensure that all of service support infrastructure remains prime and secure for you to use. Should you do not allow your Personal Information to be transferred to our designated servers to provide services, you are not required to provide your Personal Information to Zahir Online or use any form of our services.


Zahir Online reserves the right to take the necessary steps to ensure your Personal Information Security.

Zahir Online is committed to maintain your Personal Information security. It is our responsibility for determining and taking steps to secure your Personal Information data. Your Personal Information Data is securely stored by using SSL Certificates and any transferred data will be encrypted. Contact us to find out more about technical data security. However, internet is not completely free from security threats, and we cannot provide full warranty of data security. These risks should be understood that you are required to have more self-awareness on Personal data security. Zahir Online does its best to protect the security, but it will be useless if you are, as a user ignore any established preventive forms. By using our services, you are fully aware of this matter and are willing to take the established standard and higher vigilance procedures in using the service, and you are responsible for understanding and taking all the risks occurred. We will always provide advice and feedback regarding your Personal data security when unexpected matters happen.


Zahir Online will only disclose your Personal Information under certain circumstances.

Zahir Online will only disclose your Personal Information to an entity outside Zahir Online for important purposes and appropriate referring to the subject terms of this Privacy Policy and the law. Zahir Online will not disclose your Personal Information to any other party unless you request it consciously and formally. However, you should aware that Zahir Online does not require your permission to disclose your Personal Information to facilitate any investigation by the local authorities on applicable tax and legal policies. If possible, we will notify you the exposed data to legitimate requests by others. Third parties outside Zahir Online have no permission to access your Personal Information data, unless for specified purposes as listed above.


Zahir Online does not store your Credit Card details.

If you prefer to pay the services with Credit Card, your Credit Card details will not be stored and cannot be accessed by anyone including on duty Zahir Online employees. Your Credit Card details will be encrypted and stored securely by the payment service provider you choose, to receive your payment automatically on a certain time basis to Zahir Online as a service provider. You are required to review all the payment details for the use of the service and select the payment method as you want.


You can Request the Your Personal Information Access.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the Personal Information you provide is accurate, complete and updated. You are justified to request access to your information that we hold, or to update or correct any Personal Information we hold by writing and emailing to helpdesk@zahironline.com and we will process your request immediately. Should we cannot meet your request, we will inform you of the reasons. We only retain your Personal Information if we need it to serve you. However, when it is required, we reserve the right to keep some parts of your Personal Information for specific purpose such as legal data requirements.


Zahir Online utilizes Cookies Technology.

As a service provider, Zahir Online utilizes cookies. Cookies is a text file that is stored on your computer for tracking record purposes. A cookie cannot identify you personally, but it identifies your computer. We and some affiliates and third parties involved in administering the service will use a combination of “persistent cookies” (cookies will remain in your computer hardware for a certain period even if you close your web browser) and “session ID cookies” (cookies are deleted when you are closing your web browser) on our website for the purpose of tracking overall website usage, and searches to determine the right interaction deals to advertising. You can set up your web browser when our website requests permission to place cookies in your web browser which directly or not directly allow it. However, you should aware that refusing to use cookies will affect the service quality on our website.


You may have opt-out of any Communications by email with us

Zahir Online sends you the billing information, product information, service updates and notifications via email. Our email contains a clear instruction on how to pull-out from any unnecessary email list related to the service, and Zahir Online can remove it from the list based on your instructions.


You are responsible for the Data Transfer Occurrence to the Third-Party Applications.

The Service allows you to subscribe or invite other third parties using data transfer, including your Personal Information electronically. Zahir Online has no escort and is not responsible for it. You shall review the third party’s Privacy Policy to obtain information clearly on how they manage your Personal Information. For example, when you leave a comment on Zahir Online blog by using an integrated log with third parties like your social media.


Zahir Online has the privacy in accordance Complaints Handling Process.

Should there any complaints relate to how we manage your Personal Information, please provide the details of your complaint and supporting documents to our customer support officers:

  • e-mail address: helpdesk@zahironline.com; or
  • mailing address: PT Zahir International Head Office, Jalan Kemang Selatan 1C No. 20, Kemang, South Jakarta 12730, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.

Our Customer Support Officer is required to:

  • Respond your complaints at least within 1 month;
  • Investigate and act to settle your problems or complaints within 3 months or more if necessary, and shall notify you.


This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time.

Zahir Online reserves the right to make some changes to this policy any time, and is valid as it is posted on this website. Zahir Online will make an extra effort to communicate any significant changes via email or service notification. As you are using our services, we consider that you are fully aware, recognize, and agree to all our Privacy Policy.