[vsc-section-title align=”center” title=”Partner with Zahir” subtitle_color=”#ffffff”]Zahir Partnership is the relationship between Zahir and other parties to sell the products and provide Zahir after-sales service with business to business concept (B2B). We regard Zahir partners as a family for their clients and build a mutually beneficial relationship

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Zahir Connected Apps Black

Zahir Application is integrated to other business application that allow you to synchronize and manage your financial data. (Read More…)

Zahir Business Partner Black

Business partner to market and provide after sales service of Zahir Online Subscription. (Read More…)

Licensed and certified business partner to serve IT solution for Zahir users. (Read more…)

Zahir Advisor Partner Black

Licensed and certified business partner to serve consultation as your business financial planning advisor.  (Read More…)

[vsc-section-title align=”left” title=”Free Supporting Software” subtitle_color=”#000000″]Zahir partner will receive free Zahir products license or Zahir online access throughout the active partnership period. As Zahir partner you will also have supporting software to support and monitor your client’s business in[/vsc-section-title]
[vsc-section-title title=”Special Key Account ” subtitle_color=”#000000″]Doing business in cloud is not only in the use of software, but also the work processes, business models, skills, and other things to learn. Zahir key account will help you during the transition to the cloud business as a new and exciting way of working[/vsc-section-title]
[vsc-section-title align=”left” title=”Grow with Us” subtitle_color=”#000000″]We will help you find new clients and provide you with the necessary tools to provide the best solutions for your clients. You will also be listed on the partner list page on our website that allows clients to search and find your service at any time.[/vsc-section-title]
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