Integrate your application to Zahir Online and produce accurate and reliable financial report

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API ZahirOnline

Zahir Online is a cloud computing based system
for accounting and business which enables business owners
to manage and produce an accurate and prompt financial reports.

Now, Zahir Online can be integrated to all application types,
such as restaurant front office, workshop, retail, hotel, clinics, drug store,
hospital, HR application, payroll, logistic, transportation, and many more.
By Zahir Online integration, then all financial report needs
such as balance sheet, profit-loss, cash flow, and others
are provided promptly and accurately.

In today’s business, there is a significant increase in demand
for accurate and prompt financial report, where they do not only rely
on front office application as that is not compatible to provide complete financial report
also the manual reporting takes up too much time and energy.
Thus, Zahir Online come to the table as the solutions for business owner
to make faster and precise decision.

API Zahir

To solve the problems above, Zahir Online launched
Application Program Interface (API)
as the solution for business owner to integrate their system into Zahir Online application.

What kind of data types that can be integrated to Zahir Online?
These are the data that could be integrated from other application
to Zahir Online application :

General Data Type
Contact Data
Account Data
Departement Data
General Ledger
Cash Out
Cash In
Project data
warehouse data

To start the integration with ZAHIR ONLINE API
Please click the following API Documentation.

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For Zahir Online data trial,
create the domain data through this following link:
Create domain data
Or drop us an email at :

What are the benefits of Zahir Online integration?

Publish ZahirOnline

1. Published in Zahir Online Website

The information relates to your application will be published in our website and it would be a great opportunity to expand your network and for branding.

30 Kota ZahirOnline

2. Published in 30 cities of Zahir Online Network

The integrated system to Zahir will be published in 30 cities in Zahir Online network all over Indonesia. Your business networking is widely open.

Aplikasi dihubungkan ke customer zahir

3. Your application will be referred to all Zahir customers

We will connect your application to all Zahir customers, which opens an opportunity for your application sales turnover improved.