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The idea of Zahir Online is based on the importance of business management innovation, from conventional to modern way and integrated to web based cloud computing while maintaining the accounting principles and generally applied business management. We are here to answer the problems that mostly experienced by business owners. Our online financial management feature will facilitate their needs to access anytime, anywhere, in real time!

The excellent experience results in an outstanding achievement. Zahir Online is a brilliant product of an PT. Zahir Internasional, a company with more than 20 years’ experience since 1996 which named as the best accounting software company around. With our confidence, continual innovation and supported by mastermind innovator team, Zahir Online will soon to be the best inter-branch accounting software with international standard.

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We understand your high expectation to create a successful business without sacrificing your precious time and budget. We are here to make your business experience remarkable and flawless with the reliable features of Zahir Online that was made and designed thoroughly.

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Zahir Online Subscription is an online accounting software or application which is used on monthly based subscription based. The database is stored in the cloud managed by Zahir and maintain the priority of secure user’s data privacy.

Zahir Online On Premise is an online accounting software which is used on purchased system without time limit. The users will set up their own server as the software installation and database storage.

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