Zahir Online Features to make your life easier

All features you need to handle your business.

Transaksi Pembelian Zahir

Purchase transaction

To enter purchase transactions either in cash or credit.

Transaksi Penjualan Zahir

Sales transaction

To enter sales transactions either in cash or credit.

Departemen Zahir


To record each of branch/department transaction to obtain each of branch/department profit/loss.

Kas dan Bank Zahir

Cash and Bank

To enter incoming/outgoing transaction related to cash/bank.

Giro Mundur Zahir

Post-dated check

Is used to enter all incoming /outgoing mutation transactions relate to post-dated check.

Rekonsiliasi Bank Zahir

Bank Reconciliation

It is used to match the ending balance of  bank ledger to bank account balances easily.

Klasifikasi Data Zahir

Data Classification

Facilitate data groupings for customers, suppliers, employees, and others, as well as product data classification.

Account Alias Name Zahir

Account Alias Name

This feature allows user to create other name on account/COA that has been used.

Persediaan Barang Zahir


This feature is used to record transactions relate to inventory to display inventory mutation report.

Ekspor Laporan Zahir

Export Reports

Easily export reports into PDF and Excel formats, even directly send e-mail from Zahir Online.

Laporan Bisa Diklik

Clickable Reports

Trace the information from reports to ledgers and journals in detail.

Grafik Zahir


This feature allows user to view the sales performance, purchase and other transaction in the form of charts.

Quotation Request Zahir

Quotation Request

To record products/services quotation requests to suppliers.

Purchase Order Zahir

Purchase Order

Use this feature to enter the purchase order or quotation request that has been made.

Sales Quotation Zahir

Sales Quotation

To record products/services quotation requests to customers.

Sales Order Zahir

Sales Order

To record sales order or quotation requests that has been made.

Analisis Bisnis Zahir

Business Analysis

This features presents the chart of balance sheet, profit-loss, bank balance, sales chart, and financial ratio analysis.

Reminder Zahir


This features presents the information related to payable, receivable, and post dated check due date.

Proyek Zahir


Applicable for transactions related to certain project to present the profit-loss of each project.

Aktiva Tetap Zahir

Fixed Asset

Applicable to manage fixed asset and depreciation journal is automatically presented.

Multi Gudang Zahir

Multi Warehouse

This feature is used to move stock from one warehouse to another, making it easy to monitor stock in each warehouse.